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      Suicide Commando
      "Black Flowers"

      Label: Sleepless Records (2016)

      “Black Flowers” was self released by Johan Van Roy in 1992 on cassette only and for many years it has been the most searched after release by the legendary and long living industrial project. After re-releasing last month Suicides Commando´s ‘Black Flowers’ Tape on Itunes / bandcamp, requests were rising to the stars, to make it also available as a physical release.

      After a lot of hestiation, Johan finally gave in to the countless requests and here’s now the beautiful Digipak version, that also includes a MUST HAVE bonus-track, an ultra rare S.C. industrial soundscape of 30 minutes duration, entitled ‘Baustellen’.


      01 Die Herrscher Des Himmels 2´32
      02 The Mirror 3´18
      03 Never Get Out 4´25
      04 Selling God 4´22
      05 Down On Your Knees 3´26
      06 Symptoms of Death 2´52
      07 Down On Your Knees (Slavery Mix) 2´59
      08 Infected 1´55
      09 Black Flowers (I & II) 5´19
      10 Agonize 4´13
      11 Hang Me, Nail Me, Burn Me, Bury Me 3´57
      12 Closed 2´11
      13 Baustellen (Bonus) 30´38

    dkk 120/eur 16