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      Mlada Fronta

      Label: Mtronic (2016)

      15 years after our first release on M-tronic, we are happy to welcome back MLADA FRONTA on the label,
      "Outrun" is released as a 3 panels digipack. "Outrun" is around the speed concept - "No limits, no rules: live only for speed".
      ​It is without any doubt the best work of Mlada Fronta to date !
      Tracklisting :
      01. Melt Into The Road
      02. 200MPH
      03. Speed For Life
      04. Straight Ahead
      05. Outrun
      06. Simulator 1983
      07. Wild Race
      08. Roller Coaster
      09. Dust Cloud
      10. Take The Leap
      11. Midnight Drive

    dkk 120/eur 16