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    Solar Fake
    "Who Cares, It´s Live "

    In 2018, Solar Fake released You Win. Who Cares?“ - the highlight of their music career so far, the accompanying album tour was a huge success: amongst other countries, the band travelled the UK, Spain, Russia, Finland and Peru, and easily won over the festival crowds of Wave Gothic Treffen, W-Fest and Dark Storm Festival.

    „A lot of people keep asking us to release a live album“, singer and band founder Sven Friedrich comments. Therefore, it was just a matter of time and „Who Cares, It's Live“ presents their fans a top level band in great shape!
    It seems incredible easy for Solar Fake to catch their audience at Täubchenthal (Leipzig) - playing through a 100 minutes set, performing old and new songs with a completely new energy. Whether listening to Solar Fake on CD or live on stage: the bands catchy Future Pop hymns turn into a rousing and emotional experience for everyone. „Who Cares, It's Live“ is able to deliver exactly this feeling! „Since 2018, we have a live drummer and this year a bass player joins us now and then on stage. So this is not just a studio album with applause, but it also transfers the dynamic of our live shows.“ „Who Cares, It's Live“ will be released as 2-CD DVD - containing the full show at Täubchenthal, Leipzig on CD, plus a DVD with bonus material incl. songs from the show at Reithalle Dresden.

    Videoformat: NTSC
    Region code: free

    1) Intro (01:00)
    2) Sick of you (04:18)
    3) No apologies (04:26)
    4) Reset to default (04:24)
    5) Under control (04:50)
    6) Here I stand (05:36)
    7) A bullet left for you (05:39)
    8) All the things you say (04:32)
    9) I don't want you in here (03:57)
    10) Invisible (05:02)
    11) Not what I wanted (05:18)
    12) More than this (04:40)

    1) Parasites (04:48)
    2) Too late (03:31)
    3) The pain that kills you too (03:58)
    4) If this is hope (05:18)
    5) I hate you more than my life (04:40)
    6) Observer (04:53)
    7) Where is my mind (03:58)
    8) Under the skies (04:17)
    9) If I were you (04:47)
    10) Stay (05:54)
    11) Papillon (05:04)
    12) Where are you (04:28)
    13) My spaces (04:14)

    1) Not what I wanted (05:38)
    2) Under control (04:47)
    3) Sick of you (04:31)
    4) All the things you say (04:38)
    5) The pain that kills you too (04:04)
    6) Anything you want (04:38)
    7) Just like this (04:54)
    8) What if there's nothing (05:56)
    9) The pages (05:17)
    10) Bonus (10:51)
    11) Fan Interviews (06:09)

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