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    In Strict Confidence
    "Lifelines 1991 -1998"

    After eight studio albums by IN STRICT CONFIDENCE the time has come for a 'best of compilation', but ISC surprise once more with a special kind of retrospective. With 'Lifelines', a CD series in chro- nological order will be started, beginning with the very early days of the project on 'Volume 1'. Plus: this is not just a compilation of known tracks - it is a collection of extended versions of the original tracks, no regular remixes! This first part includes the great classics of the first ISC albums, such as ‚Industrial Love‘ (originally a double-CD-Single) or 'Become an Angel', as well as never before on cd released tracks ('Moonshine' and 'Way of no Return') from the early nineties. And finally, this collection includes a 9-minute long cover version of DEPECHE MODE's 'Stripped' from 1997. A MUST-HAVE for old and new IN STRICT CONFIDENCE addicts!


    01 Industrial Love (1998) 8.09
    02 Sudorific (1996) 6.00
    03 Become an Angel (1996) 5.50
    04 Inside (1996) 6.15
    05 Prediction (1998) 5.24
    06 Stripped (1997) 9.11
    07 Burning Angel (1995) 4.36
    08 Way of no Return (1991) 5.55
    09 Moonshine (1992) 6.01
    10 Alles in mir (1998) 7.45

dkk 50/eur 7