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Suicide Commando
Forest Of The Impaled
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      Pride And Fall
      "Turn The Bright Lights On"

      Following a remix contest held earlier this year by the band and their label, this EP presents the three winning remixes as well as one remix by Pride And Fall themselves and one exclusive B-side. The quality of the remixes turned out to be very very good and by promoting the EP especially to DJs, the band hopes to get the songs where they belong to: into the clubs!

      It became obvious that Pride And Fall's last album "Of Lust And Desire" was lacking mainly one issue that set it apart from their three competitive predecessors: a good club hit. While their first albums were plastered with competitive club hits, the Norwegian trio chose a more moody approach this time. To offset this shortcoming, the band started a remix contest earlier this year, and made remix files of their song "Turn The Lights On" available. More than 50 skilled remixers and a handful of DJs took the opportunity and used their creativity to carve something new out of the song. Pride And Fall's keyboarder/programmer Per Waagen remembers the process: "We were surprised about the general quality of the mixes. The top 25 was really usable, the Top 5 of the mixers were very strong. We had spent money on remixers before, but these people created something extra- ordinary from our song without getting paid, which was absolutely stunning. The three top mixes, which we ended up using for the E.P. were among the best remixes we heard in a long time. And they were from all over the world." The Ukrainian industrial duo Ginger Snap5 took first place with a forceful deconstruction of the original song. Ginger Snap5 had won several remix contests before. The other winning mixes are constructed by Mexican DJ team/remixer Ricardo String ft. E.R.R.A. and the talented US-industrial outfit Ruined Conflict. Linked with Pride And Falls own remix of the title track and the exclusive B-Side "As I carve", this EP will turn to be a forceful assault on industrial clubs worldwide!

      1. Turn The Lights On (Ginger Snap5 Remix) 2. Turn The Lights On (Pride And Fall Remix) 3. As I Carve (previously unreleased)
      4. Turn The Lights On (Ruined Conflict Remix)
      5. Turn The Lights On (Alien War Mix by DJ Riccardo String feat. E.R.R.A.)