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      "Requiem X "

      Requiem X is the name of the latest work by the German dark electro institution from the Ruhr area. With pounding beats, anthem-like melodies and sophisticated sound tinkering, the Dark Elecro trio wraps their haunting, thought-provoking messages in an original, style-defining guise. [: SITD:] paint apocalyptic scenarios of the disturbing present, not without the belief in a good ending.

      The 10 track EP features 5 brand new songs. The dark opener "The Devil's Tongue" announces the attack on the international dance floors of the black scene clubs, followed by the German-language EBM stomper "Schlagschatten" and the haunting [: SITD:] - typical catchy tune "Dark Inheritance".

      An absolute highlight is the almost 10-minute, band-own extended version of "Greater Heights" in the style of the good old 80s maxi singles.

      But that's not all: none other than Solitary Experiments, Frozen Plasma, ES23 and Centhron couldn't miss the opportunity to show new perspectives on the most popular songs from the last album “Hour X” with grandiose, independent remix interpretations.

      The two instrumentals "Aftermath" and "Requiem X" complete the whole thing.

      Dinner is served. Look forward to an almost 50 minute EP that leaves nothing to be desired!

      1. The Devil's Tongue
      2. Drop Shadow
      3. Dark Inheritance
      4. Aftermath
      5. Greater Heights (ES23 Remix)
      6. Revelation (Solitary Experiments Remix)
      7. God's Blessing (Centhron Remix)
      8. Olymp (Frozen Plasma Remix)
      9 Greater Heights (Extended Mix)
      10. Requiem X

    dkk 80/eur 10