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Lost In Infinity
Frontline Assembly
Wake up The Coma
Frontline Assembly
Wake up The Coma
Culture Kultur
Into The All
Ghost Nocturne
Eden Synthetic Corps
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      The wait is finally over, after releasing the teaser EP "In Your Eyes" (Currently on position 10 in the German Alternative Charts / DAC) Swedish Cryo now finally deliver their long awaited new album "Retropia". Their most complete work up-to-date. Many magazines call them the next big swedish electronic export to finally take the place of Covenant.
      As always Cryo is in the leading edge of electronic music constantly seeking new paths, exploring new ways to bring you nothing else than pure perfection.
      "Retropia" is NO exception from this rule. 11 brilliant tracks from direct floorfillers like "The Portal", "Believer" and "In Your Eyes" via brutally hard "Shelter" and melodic "Too much" to the enormous electro-epos "So Close" which is divided into three different tracks/parts building from slow beautiful atmospheres to a dancefloor inferno. Simply beautiful!!
      And we have not even mentioned the fantastic artwork. 24 page booklet where art and music combine to one.
      One of the strongest releases in the electronic scene is a fact. The name is Retropia. You don't want to miss this one out. An essential partof every record collection!!!!!!!
      One of Progress Productions absolute Top priority releases!!!! Full promotional mailout, adverts in all relevant magazines, interviews, Facebook competiions etc.
      Released under the strict Progress Productions (Necro Facility, Henric de la Cour, Kite etc.) seal of quality mark: Finally quality music has a name.

    dkk 120/eur 16