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      Electro Spectre
      "Bullets & Desert Blooms"

      Label: Razgrom Music (2018)

      Due to high demand and lots of requests from the fans and collectors: re-edition of most successful and long deleted fourth album “Bullets & Desert Blooms” of Norwegian electronic synth-pop duo ELECTRO SPECTRE!
      This is not typical re-release, all music tracks of the original album was digitally remastered, some tracks were re-recorded, in new bonus-section included remixes that never was released on CD before. The new edition also contain a different art-work and named "Bullets & Desert Blooms 2018 Re-Work”.
      The original CD-version of "Bullets & Desert Blooms” released in 2014, was immediately sold out - this is an absolute bestceller in the history of Razgrom Music. Many fans and critics mention this album as one of the best (if not the best) in the entire discography of the band.
      Staying in their own unique "dark noir" style, Alexander Bjorneboe and Isak Rypdal set out to make an album that would contain only solid & catchy songs - songs that would be able to hold the listener's attention from the first to the last second. This album is a union between the past and present of electronic pop music, between modern music technology and vintage retro atmosphere of the 1980s. All fans of classic releases of DEPECHE MODE, A-HA, CAMOUFLAGE, IRIS, DE/VISION, COVENANT without any doubts need to check unique sound & songs of "Bullets & Desert Blooms".
      Limited edition of only 500 handnumbered copies!


      01. You Push for the World (Re-Worked)

      02. Your Love is a Criminal (Re-Worked)

      03. Heartbeat (Re-Worked)

      04. As Long As It Pays (Re-Worked)

      05. Superstar (Re-Worked)

      06. Graveyard Eyes (Re-Worked)

      07. Behind The Perfect Face (Re-Worked)

      08. Silver Eye (Re-Worked)

      09. Fashion (Re-Worked)

      10. Bullets & Desert Blooms (Re-Worked)

      11. The Sorrows Of These Streets [Bonus]

      12. Heartbeat (Mondtraeume Remix) [Bonus]

      13. You Push For The World (Christofer Nergaard Remix) [Bonus]

      14. Heartbeat (Apodyopsis vs Ice Machine) [Bonus]

      15. Your Love is a Criminal (Christofer Nergaard's Crockett & Tubbs Mix) [Bonus]

    dkk 120/eur 16