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    Project Pitchfork
    "Fragment "

    Label: Trisol Music (2018)

    His newest record Fragment proves that this was only the beginning. The first flame of a newly born universe. With “Fragment” this flame has grown to a roaring fire. The beginning of this strange, enigmatic and fathomless universe sparks the inspiration for a new record that could not be more fascinating—a record that bears more warmth, more emotion, and more hope than any other PROJECT PITCHFORK release. “Fragment” is part social commentary and part plea for love and tolerance. “As one single human. As a fragment, I am stunned by what’s happening in the world right now”, Spilles says. Clad inintelligent strokes of elegant Electro, this record is Spilles’ masterstroke. His most human album— the summation of a human being’s lifetime—contrasts the scale of our love and hatred with the vastness of infinity, nature and its inevitable destruction. Black holes at the center of our galaxy swallowing mass and gravity; the hollowness and callous destruction at the center of our society. And while Spilles openly criticizes the way we treat each other, it wouldn’t be PROJECT PITCHFORK if the message wasn’t clad in poetry and served up as massive club anthems, such as “In your Heart”.
    “Fragment” confirms what fans have known for a long time: PROJECT PITCHFORK are creating high art that cannot be measured by ordinary scene standards. Monumental, ambitious, and yet humble in its sincerity and humanity. Like a starlit sky, the music of PROJECT PITCHFORK is grand and unforgettable. And “Fragment” is a bridge to infinity and enlightenment touching every atom we are made of…
    The Great Storm
    In Your Heart
    Peruse How Infinite You Are
    A Fragment
    A Clockwork
    There Is Much More
    On This Small Blue Planet
    Hearts Got Wings
    And Everything Reflects
    The Universe

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