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    "Pain Decay"

    Label: Emmo Records (2014)
    "Harm Joy blends little bits of sadness into little bits of happiness, to keep both realistic and interesting. As a vanguard to their upcoming album, "Silver Lining of the Mushroom Cloud" (September, 2014), their second EP, "Pain Decay" (July 11, 2014) continues the German-American electro-synth duo's eruption of unique, dark-themed dance music. Like the dichotomy of their name, Harm Joy's lyrics, beats, and melodies are at once thoughtful, provocative, comforting, and alarming.
    Ølåf Å. Reimers (originally from Friesland) is the musical force behind the EBM powerhouse Tyske Ludder and Dan Von Hoyel (based in San Francisco) is the lyrical voice behind the Swedish synthpop artists Titans. With their 1950s fetish, Cold War flavoured EP "Pain Decay," Harm Joy pushes the best influences of industrial, EBM, and symphonic overtones together--and lets them fight it out.

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