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She Past Away
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She Past Away
Disko Anksiyete
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Artificial Extinction
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      Die Form
      "Rayon X"

      "Rayon X", the title of the new album from cult French multimedia-fetish-art-project Die Form is interpretable in manifold ways, as, on the one hand, it is the French term for x-rays which are used to look underneath the surface of what is visible to the bare eye. On a more symbolic level, it can also stand for the section in the dark back end of a library, which holds all the forbidden titles or as an analogy for the photochemical process that makes photos visible. It is, thus, a perfect symbol for the central themes of the band helmed by sound-wizard and photo-artist Philippe Fichot, namely the glimpse behind the human facade and the exploration of forbidden themes and obsessions in a multi-medial combination of music and photography and it also fits the new album hand in glove. On "Rayon X", Die Form have distilled the essence of their work and created one of their most fascinating works to date. The cold, minimalist electronics, combined with machine-like rhythms and Philippe Fichot's severely manipulated vocals create the same mesmerizing fusion of surreal atmosphere and harsh club-sounds that have made the group's biggest hits like "Bite Of God" into all-time classics. The angelic, emotional female voice of Éliane P. serves as the perfect counterpoint that contrasts the chilling atmosphere with an almost otherworldly beauty. "Rayon X" is the most club-compatible and accessible work the group has created in a long time and manages to create an irresistible pull, especially in combination with the photo art accompanying the album design that is, as always, an inseparable part of the experience. In order to present the visual part of the new release in the best possible way.
      "Rayon X" will also be released as a lavish 2-CD-deluxe-version in an XL-packaging with high quality artwork print and exclusive bonus disc. The new masterpiece from Die Form will also be released as a deluxe vinyl version. "Rayon X" presents Die Form with a perfect fusion of club sounds and art that has all the right ingredients to become an all-time classic!
      01. BLACK LEATHER GLOVES / 4:14
      03. ReBIRTH/ReDEATH (ICH BIN TOT) / 5:18
      04. LA 7ème FACE DU DÉ / 5:08
      05. MECANOMANIA(C) / 3:53
      06. POLITIK / 4:05
      07. IN THE VOID OF HELL / 4:33
      08. NEO FICTION / 4:13
      09. BIPOLARITY / 3:34
      10. PERPETUAL MOTION (Perpetuum Mobile) / 4:31
      11. AMNESIA (Amnesium) / 4:22
      12. IRON CROSS / 3:49
      13. MON AMOUR 2 ?? / 4:08
      14. ZOANTHROPIA / 3:56

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