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      Various Artists
      "Endzeit Bunkertracks 6"

      Run for shelter! Here comes the 6th [act] of what has become one of the most successful and "classic must-have" compilation concepts on the dark electronic scene. The 6th volume in the Series (again in deluxe 4CD carton box extended 20 page booklet) also features a download Card giving you access to some 40 additional songs (to the already massive 68 on the CDs)!
      A new ultimate Endzeit experience of over 500 minutes of sonic extravaganza spread over 108 tracks!
      Returning from the core of the Underworld, "Endzeit Bunkertracks [act 6]" again hits harder than ever before by offering you another brainwashing selection of the best dark, harsh elektro and modern power noise acts active on the planet. The ultimate evil dancefloor conquerors all packed on 4 (!!) full length CDs plus 40 bonus tracks to download (including a great majority of rare or previously unreleased exclusive tracks!) delivered to your scorched hands. This new selection of terrific and terrifying club invaders again features a very diverse and international approach with artists coming from every corners of the (under)world. Full club power, malevolent moments and splitting headaches are all guaranteed by this new ultimate Endzeit experience.
      A free 18-track Alfa Matrix label compilation "Sounds From The Matrix 013" is also included in every compilation box!
      CD 1 [evil]:
      PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF . schallplattenunterhalter (bunker edit) *
      R.I.P. (ROPPONGI INC. PROJECT) . don't kill yourself *
      EXTIZE . arschloch alarm (endzeit asshole edit) *
      CYNICAL EXISTENCE . I'm broken (PRE:EMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 rework) *
      NANO INFECT . abortion
      AESTHETISCHE . still life (clublife rmx by AESTHETISCHE) *
      KANT KINO feat. KOMPUTERGIRL . my game (KANT KINO bunker mix) *
      DIABOLIC ART . final destination *
      ACYLUM . black rose *
      SCHWARZBLUT . schwarze tod
      TRIMETRICK . holy fuck *
      DIVERSANT:13 . machine on the dance floor *
      PHOSGORE . vx
      BESTIAS DE ASALTO . come mierda y muere *
      FREAKANGEL . used (LARVA mix) **
      TRAUMATIZE . comatose *

      CD2 [torture]:
      NOISUF-X . open window (v2) *
      HEZZEL . for a second *
      EX.ES . war dance *
      PAX SONO . just free *
      PSY'AVIAH . human garbage (endzeit mix) *
      COMBICHRIST . throat full of glass (tough guy mix by S.A.M.) **
      ESSENCE OF MIND . indifference (KANT KINO mix) **
      HEARTRATE . another sin *
      CYGNOSIC . bury your hate (X-FUSION mix) *
      GRENDEL . timewave zero
      XPERIMENT . this is war *
      SIVA SIX . serpent whore (NANO INFECT rmx) *
      CENTHRON . dominator
      KRYSTAL SYSTEM . around the world (territory vision mix by DJ TAIKI) *
      I:SCINTILLA . swimmers can drown (DIABOLIC ART mix) *
      EXPERIMENT HAYWIRE . blacklist (FREAKANGEL mix) *
      XIESCIVE . time to die (NITRONOISE rmx) *

      CD3 [damage]:
      UBERBYTE . sheffields finest *
      X-RX . hit the drums
      NACHTMAHR . can you feel the beat (GRENDEL mix) **
      00TZ 00TZ . living hell *
      MY DEAR KILLER . torture porn *
      TELEOPTYK . sacrifice *
      GOTHICIUM . ritual *
      SUICIDE INSIDE . go zonkers! (freefall mix) *
      DJ 3RR0R . future friends *
      INDUSTRIEGEBIET . wer schön sein will muss sterben
      SHIV-R . god is art
      AMDUSCIA . fuck the fucking fuckers
      ALIEN VAMPIRES . acid orgy **
      HELL:SECTOR . god saves *
      32CRASH . what happened here (taunting devils' mx) *
      PUTREFY FACTOR 7 . radical human *
      AMGOD . assimilation *

      CD4 [death]:
      DETROIT DIESEL . under fire
      AMBASSADOR21 . dope on *
      AENGELDUST . bloodsport (:WUMPSCUT: remix) *
      NOISEX . rhythm age 2k12 *
      X MARKS THE PEDWALK . seventeen (NOISUF-X mix) **
      MALAKWA . monster (flesh mix by KANT KINO) **
      GLIS . apocalypse parties (endzeit edit) *
      DIFFUZION . c.s. (AUTODAFEH mix)
      GOD MODULE . rituals (DISTORTED MEMORY mix) **
      SKYLA VERTEX . strom und drang
      H.EXE . seven lovely sins (endzeit version) *
      GEDANKENRASEN . ihr habt *
      DUNKELWERK . schnuffi (short cut) *
      IMPLANT . you are not *
      FRONTAL BOUNDARY . das blut (KOMOR KOMMANDO mix) *
      MORDACIOUS . born to fail (FGFC820 remix)
      TERRORKODE . operation q *

    dkk 200/eur 26