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Neon EP
The Frozen Autumn
The Fellow Traveller
The Devil & The Universe
Folk Horror
Live at Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig
Xenturion Prime
Humanity Plus
Noyce TM
Love Ends
In The Nursery
Mono No Aware
Orange Sector

      "This Is Where Death Begins (Vinyl)"

      Please note that this a Very limited, lavish colored Double Vinyl a CD in deluxe Gatefold Sleeve
      Thudding tribal drums, guitars slammed in your face like a 20-ton-weight, chopped up synth-attacks
      and in the midst of it Andy LaPlegua rampaging like an unrestrained demon of wrath: on their new
      album Combichrist are conjuring up a proverbial hellfire. A black monolith of unbridled aggression.
      Produced by Oumi Kapila (Filter) and Andy LaPlegua, with guest vocals from Chris Motionless
      (Motionless In White) and Ariel Levitan (MXMS) and mastered by the legendary Vlado Meller (Red
      Hot Chili Peppers, Slipknot, to name just a few), Combichrist have created a milestone of their career.
      01 We are the Plague
      02 My Life My Rules
      03 Glitchteeth
      04 Exit Eternity
      05 Skullcrusher
      06 Time again
      07 Destroy Everything
      08 Tired of Hating You
      09 Don't care how you feel about it
      10 Blackened Heart
      11 Pay to play
      12 Slakt
      13 Black Tar Dove pt1
      14 Black Tar Dove pt2
      15 Homeward

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