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And One
In Strict Confidence
Lifelines 1991 - 2010
Fur Allle
Frontline Assembly
Rhys Fulber (FLA)
Your Dystopia, My Utopia
X Chaos Theory
Aus Den Falten
Butcher´s Coin
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      After an extremely well-received appearance at SXSW, gigs with NGUZUNGUZU, oOoOO, King Dude, and Thieves Like Us, and best-of 2012 nods from the likes of Mishka Bloglin and I Die: You Die, AAIMON finally release their highly-anticipated self-titled full-length. The debut CD is less dense atmospherically and more focused on aesthetics and percussion, while also creating a more engaging energy and retaining the overblown signature style that made AAIMON the darlings of the witchhouse scene.

      "A uniquely romantic and intoxicating music project."
      -Steve Sanford, Auxiliary Magazine

      "A magical brew."
      -Torsten Pape, Electrozine

      "This is dark, intelligent, experimental neo-synth music."
      -Bram E. Gieben, The Skinny

      "Slow, dark, emotive and challenging."
      -Alex Kennedy, I Die: You Die

      "They’re dark as hell, their wall of sound is so opaque it gives us a true feeling of dread."
      -Mishka Bloglin

    dkk 120/eur 16