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      "Stunde X"

      „Stunde X“ a new beginning? Well, not totally since the band is still the same. The sound has been modified, it’s more fresh, modern leaving old paths. With new label and new booking agency may 2019 sees the return of SITD with their new studio album „Stunde X“. Eleven new songs haven been unleashed by SITD with their charismatic lead singer Carsten Jacek. What’s new? The bands occur has changed a little less dark with brights, shiny artwork a slightly modified logo and more fresh sound. Text wise you’ll again find german and english speech songs on „Stunde X“ with loads of massive new club tracks! Already their first single outtake „Sturmlicht" (which is physically sold out!) shows the direction! SITD is to move forward - sails are set!
      1. Greater Heights
      2. God's Blessing
      3. Revelation
      4. Sturmlicht (Album Version)
      5. Drowning In The Flame
      6. Symptom
      7. Olymp
      8. Miscreed (Album Version)
      9. Benediction
      10.Grenzenlos 09:35

    dkk 120/eur 16