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Suicide Commando
Forest Of The Impaled
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      "Ich Rette Dich"

      Label: Synthetic Symphony (2014)
      “Ich Rette Dich” clearly remains inspired and driven by the usual elements of Welle: Erdball and yet it sounds like one of their hardest releases ever. The title song is a divine piece carried by the famous synth-pop tunes and sequences à la Welle: Erdball. This unique synth-pop formation always composed a mix of good-old vintage electronics and related effects plus some very own approach in sound and vocals. “Ich Rette Dich!” is a great song, but there’re more good surprises coming up.

      “FanFanFanatisch” shows the harder side of the band, which moves into some EBM fields mixed with the good-old pop standard, which made this band famous. Welle: Erdball moves on a similar way at “Der Türspion”. This song is meticulously crafted and carried by typical 80s influences while we here get leading female vocals. Honey remains the lead singer while getting some help from female backing vocals. And if you might think that the ‘harder’ songs are just exceptions to this album, you better watch out for “Ich Will Vergessen”, which is one great tough cut. I’m not saying that Welle: Erdball has changed their sound; it’s just that it all became a little less hard, which makes the success of this work.

      Last, but not least we also get a punching remix of “Ich Rette Dich!” by Massiv In Mensch. This is an excellent choice as remixer for Welle: Erdball and a cool final cut for a surprising release! Review is from Sideline.
      Tracklist „Ich rette Dich“ Maxi-CD
      01. Ich rette Dich!
      02. Das Radio, das Ohr der Welt
      03. Fan Fan Fanatisch (Klangtest)
      04. Der Türspion
      05. Die Wahrheit (C=64)
      06. Spiel die Welt
      07. Komm mit!
      08. Ich rette Dich! (Massiv in Mensch-Remix)