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    Agent Side Grinder
    "Doppelgänger "

    A few copies are back in stock of this rare 7 inch vinyl, first to serve!
    Exactly one year after the separation from three band members, ASG returns more compact and powerful than ever.

    It's their first release since the award-winning album "Alkimia" in 2015. It's also the first track featuring their new lead singer, Emanuel Åström.
    "Doppelgänger" is a track symbolizing the new shape and sound of ASG. The band has gone through a major transformation. But kept the core intact: Majestic melodies on a foundation of industrial beats and brooding electronics. Also holds the mighty "In From The Cold".

    New state, new life, same band, same beast. Hail the evil twin. Hail the Doppelgänger.
    1.Doppelgänger 04:20
    2.In From The Cold 05:08

dkk 100/eur 14