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Absolute Body Control
A New Dawn
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      Patenbrigade Wolf
      "Aktivist "

      Label: Razgrom (2021)

      This musical project in orange helmets and construction robes from the capital of Germany, the city of Berlin, doesn’t need a special introduction… Here’s a new compilation from P:W!
      The musicians of P:W traditionally describe their style of music as «Elektronische Baustellen Musik» - which includes elements of EBM, Synth-Pop, Minimal Electro, Ambient and old-school Techno. There is a long-standing friendship between Razgrom and PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF, the label has already released the compilation "Udarnik" and the album of the side-project FREUNDE DER TECHNIK (be sure to check it out, if you missed it!), for which live-performances in Russia were also organized. The next stage of mutual collaboration is the release of this new compilation, which logically and ideologically continues the traditions of "Udarnik" and includes the best, rare and previously unreleased PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF tracks.
      Previously released on the band’s own label Zweieck Recordings are a series of EPs & the album “Eastbound No.5” – all sold out for long, but frequent requests about the possibility to purchase these releases are still being received regularly. Due to the huge demand, «Aktivist» includes the best songs from these releases (selected personally by Sven Wolf), and the final collection value of this compilation is given by seven (!!) completely new and exclusive tracks,
      including the self-titled «Aktivist» & «Udarnik»! The journey into the past, the days of GDR, the construction of Stalinallee, the famous Berlin wall, Ikarus buses and the TU-144 supersonic airliners continues!
      01 TU-144 02 Aktivist 03 Follow me [Club mix] 04 Fairgrounds 05 Visionary Landscapes [Static Movement Cover Version] 06 Der Getränkelieferant 07 KC85/3 08 Ikarus 09 Stechuhr 10 Beweg die Arme wie Propeller 11 Tanzmusik (Patenbrigade: Wolff und Massiv in Mensch) 12 Im Eis 13 Die Brücke 14 Angstprofil 15 Udarnik 16 Baureihe VT 18.16 17 Die Inspektorin trinkt gern Wein [MDR version]

    dkk 120/eur 16