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    "Lost In Infinity"

    Label: Lćbel (2019)

    Please note that this is include a nice AEX totesbag (black colour) and a AEX sticker.
    The debut album from the Danish shooting Synth/EBM stars AEX is finally out. AEX have been going on for a couple of years, they have played along with bands like Solar Fake, Viva le Fete, Melotron, Agent Side Grinder.
    AEX presents an intimate, etheric sound AEX’ debut album “Lost in Infinity” pulls you backwards in time to early Belgian and French Cold Wave and eighties’ melancholic synth pop. However AEX is definitely not a pastiche but a natural step in synth pop evolution.
    LauraÂ’s strong and airy vocals that sometimes reminds of Anne Clark and SteffenÂ’s clear and memorable melodies makes this album a must for any Synth/EBM fan.
    01 17 Days 02 Columbine 03 Black Butterfly 04 Drifting 05 Selected Memories 06 Illuminated 07 Forever chasing Shadows 08 When to smile 09 A Sign of Life 10 The Decadence of Rome
    11 Colours fading

dkk 140/eur 18