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The Spell Of The Spider
Suicide Commando
Forest Of The Impaled
Suicide Commando
Forest Of The Impaled
Die Form
Baroque Equinox
The Devil & The Universe
Walpern Redux (Vinyl)
Patenbrigade Wolff
Der Brigadier trinkt immer noch Bier!
Lionhearts (Seabound)
Funker Vogt
Code Of Conduct
Savage Sinusoid

      Nurzery (Rhymes)

      Label: COP International (2008)
      Nurzery (Rhymes) laid the foundation to a promising career with their club hit "Blood and Wine" and their stellar first album "Injections". Often compared to acts such as Psyclon Nine, Suicide Commando or Tactical Sekt, their debut was an instant success in the Electro scene. But they did not rest on their laurels and moved on to produce an amazing second Album set to conquer the EBM/Industrial scene : "Thorns" - is a breathtaking tour de force of strobelights, punching baselines, captivating synth riffs and vocals that lure you straight into the abyss of hell ! Nurzery ( Rhymes ) manage with ease to blend harsh club music with emotional honesty on an album full of irresistible diversity and intensity.