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Suicide Commando
Mindstrip Redux
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      "I Saw Nothing Good So I Left"

      Label: Young And Cold Records (2018)

      Bragolin is a Post-punk / Dark Wave band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. The band is lead by singer / guitarist Edwin van der Velde of Zwarte Poëzie, with Maria Karssenberg on guitar/organ. The music contains a mixture of baritone and shoegaze guitars, organs, synths and drummachines. In 2018 the band released their 8-track debut album ‘I Saw Nothing Good So I Left’ on Young & Cold Records.
      1.Into Those Woods 03:23
      2.To Hide To Shine To Cross 03:21
      3.This Grotesque Dance 03:20
      4.I Saw Nothing Good So I Left 03:03
      5.Tired Eyes Tired Feet 03:07
      6.In Our Field Of Oaks (ft. Adam Usi) 03:46
      7.Take Us Down 03:23
      8.Charcoal Teeth And Lies 04:36

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