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      "Even Weight"

      After years of waiting and expectations, Enduser finally comes back with a new album. This towering artist of the drum'n'bass and breakcore scene comes up here with an extremely important and soulful album in which his hard breaks and beats share the stage with much gentler melodies and atmospheres. A highly emotional album whose palette ranges from melancholy to rage, it is a new awe-inspiring album by a musician which proves again that his talent is multidimensional, humane and essential. This couldn't be an Enduser album without some heavy, fast, hard moments though, and tracks such as "Void", "Reciprocal" and "Distance" make sure that Enduser keeps his throne in the heart and set list of breakcore DJs worldwide. And still, it is each track which is even balanced in itself (the bass, the voices, the breaks forming a cohesive whole in every song), not just the album as a whole.
      “Even Weight” is an important album. For Enduser first, as it shows that this artist, an essential and towering figure of the breakcore and drum'n'bass scene, was able to take another leap forward and reinvent himself. For the fans, who will finally quench their thirst for new material and discover tunes they could only wish for. And finally for Ad Noiseam, who is proud to bring this album to the world.