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    Minuit Machine
    "Don´t Run From The Fire "

    Label: Synth Religion (2020)

    “Don't run from the Fire” is Minuit Machine's 4th official physical release, and their first physical ‘EP’ ever (“Blue Moon” was a digital-only EP). It features 4 ALL NEW recordings, especially written and recorded for this limited release that is destined to be sold out fast!
    One year and a half after coming back from a 3-year hiatus, Minuit Machine keeps on trans- forming and evolving. From synth wave to dark electronic, the duo re-asserts its hybrid identity, always dark wave but with strong touches of techno and EBM!
    01 Don't run from the Fire 02 Danger 03 Lovers of the Night 04 To control

dkk 120/eur 16