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    Various Artists
    "Awake The Machines 8"

    There is a drone in the depth – and it sounds different to everything ever heard. Because when the machines awake for the eight time, they show up as diverse as they have never been.

    Out Of Line – that is the unexpected, suprising, probably absurd. Regarding this, it is a kind of likely to release a 3 CD sampler with a fast-ride through the whole stilistic of Out Of Line including some interesting guests in the digital aeon. Trusting that there are still music fans such as us who like to be challenged by the unknown, „Awake The Machines VIII“ offers the full crazy world of Out Of Line between pounding Electro, harsh Metal, dreamy Neofolk, danceble Synthpop, dusty Desert Rock and much more. For the price of an EP. Madness? Maybe. But this is Out Of Line!

    CD 1
    Blutengel – Vampire
    Solar Fake – Sick Of You
    Ashbury Heights – If You‘re Shooting With The Left Means The Right Side Is Working
    The Ritualists – Ice Flower
    Lizard Pool – Wave Of Joy
    Erdling – Wieso Weshalb Warum
    Lejana – The Dirty And The Beast
    Osaka Rising – Feel Alive
    Unzucht – Nela
    Rummelsnuff – Eisengott
    Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – The Misanthrophic Polygamnist
    Client – Refuge
    Sleepless in Pyongyang – Kronos
    Heimataerde – Hick Hack Hackebeil

    CD 2
    Bloodred Hourglass – Six Feet Saviour
    Rave The Reqviem – Ghost Royale
    Frosttide – Tranquility
    Infected Rain – Freaky Carnival
    Fear Of Domination – Sick&Beautiful
    Davey Suicide – One Of My Kind
    Blind Channel – Over My Dead Body
    Losers – Chainsaw
    Aeverium – Hunted
    Tragedy Of Mine – Built To Resist
    Mors Subita – As Humanity Weeps
    Xenoblight – Shapeshifter
    Combichrist – Broken : United
    Rabia Sorda – Violent Love Song
    Night Laser – Laserhead
    Ost Front – Heavy Metal

    CD 3
    Solitary Experiments – Crash&Burn
    Massive Ego – Kates In A State
    Chrom - Walked The Line
    Melotron – Menschen
    Hocico – Sex Sick
    Signal Aout 42 – Oxygen
    Yellow Lazarus - Dead Slot Machines
    Angels & Agony – Inside Sanity
    Accessory – Outrun The Gun
    Too Dead To Die – Step Back, Satan!
    Dive – Let Me In
    Suicide Commando – The Devil
    Any Second – Zorn
    The Juggernauts – Purge
    Amduscia – Filofobia

dkk 100/eur 14