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Kryothermal Aus Der Eisfabrik
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Modern Mirror
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Twin Tribes
Double Echo
Burning in Blue
Liebknecht (Haujobb)
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    LuciferĀ“s Aid
    "Panic "

    Carl Nilsson aka Lucifer's Aid from Stockholm, Sweden presents one of the absolute hardest and best album to come out of the heavier EBM/industrial scene EVER!! We dare to say that this is THE album of the genre of 2019.
    It is hard as solid unbreakable steel and hits you with such force that there is no way to surrender.
    Hard rhythmic and crushing beats with aggressive vocals. One can find parts of early The Klinik and Dive such as modern industrial music. A true masterpiece! Lucifer's Aid has quickly become one of the most talked about acts in the scene with gigs on festivals like WGT, Amphi, E-Only and NCN. ItĀ“s not everyday a future CLASSIC is released in this genre.
    Comes packed in a mat varnished digipack with UV spot printing.
    01. Slip Away
    02. Not Meant To Be
    03. Discipline (LISTEN VIA BANDCAMP HERE)
    04. Too Blind To See
    05. Slow Death
    06. Victims
    07. Agitate
    08. Suffocate
    09. Polarized
    10. Backlash

dkk 120/eur 16