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      Various Artists
      "Danish Electro I "

      Label: Lćbel (2018)

      Danish Electro is a new series of compilations that present the enormous activity and creativity on the contemporary Danish electronic music underground scene. In the coming years the series will be presenting a wide spectrum of genres spread over a long row of releases. We are now pleased to announce the first four volumes divided into the genres “Synth Pop Wave”, “EBM Industrial”, “IDM Synthscapes” and “Dark Industrial”. The volumes will be released after a fixed interval, with Release dates being 1st of February and 1st of September.
      Danish Electro Vol.01 that is released on 1st of February 2018 brings focus on on the genre Synth Pop and Wave with 16 very talented artists. It puts the good melodies and song in the center and they pay respect to genre icons such as Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Erasure, OMD, Pet Shop Boys and the like. But at the same time the bands show that they are more than capable of having their very own way of expressing themselves musically. The Danish Electro series derives from the Facebook page by the same name that for years has spread the news from the Danish electronic music underground. The people behind the page have teamed up with the new Danish record label “Læbel” to bring the project a huge step further and present a lot of the interesting Danish electro artists. Besides creating more attention to the Danish talents the Danish Electro series is also a beneficial project and the surplus goes to support Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF).

      01 FAKE THE ENVY : These Are The Fools (2016 edit)
      02 DEROUTE: Hvor Fanden Bliver Det Af?
      03 PORTLAND: Without Me There Is No You
      04 SOFTWAVE: Everything Change (ManMindMachine cover)
      05 AEX : Columbine
      06 AM TIERPARK: I CanÂ’t Stop
      07 STATE OF MIND: Never Understood
      08 TECHNE: Blind Me
      09 NAVY BRUISE: Stupid Stupid
      10 PRIVATE PACT: Purity
      11 NEONSOL: Forever (Leæther Strip Remix)
      12 MODERN BOYS : Crocodile
      13 DISRUPTED BEING : Ghost
      14 VAYLON: Visitor
      15 KRIMIK: Frame Of Love
      16 DEZEPTION: Almost Had You (deZeptive Dance RMX)

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