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Neon EP
The Frozen Autumn
The Fellow Traveller
The Devil & The Universe
Folk Horror
Live at Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig
Xenturion Prime
Humanity Plus
Noyce TM
Love Ends
In The Nursery
Mono No Aware
Orange Sector

      "Electronic Music Means War To Us 2"

      More than a decade after 'Electronic Music means War to us' Patrick Stevens showcases his updated aural statement, ready to burglarize listeners' minds and bodies with a heavy load of uncompromising sound barrages. This album has its focus on classic rhythmic industrial: repetitive hard-hitting power rhythms layered with violent noisy clashes, corroded synth textures and incidental voice samples. Six collaborations with artists from all over the world like Needle Sharing, Dissecting Table and Cyboresis add to the stylistic variety from heavy overdrive hardcore, grind/death metal vocals, power noise and ambient to the beat driven Hypnoskull tracks. An aggressive, confrontational album with a high amount of club playability that perfectly brings out the essence of rhythm based electronics! Welcome back to old splendour Hypnoskull!!!

    dkk 120/eur 16