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Suicide Commando
Mindstrip Redux
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      "Aus Den Tiefen"

      After the surprise success of the debut single “Blitz und Donner“, Erdling, the new band of ex- STAHLMANN-guitarist Neill Devin is now setting out to take the German Rock scene by storm with the album “Aus den Tiefen.” Raw, dark and honest. On the debut album “Aus den Tiefen” (meaning From the Depths), Erdling are finding the perfect balance between massive guitars, darkly tinged emotionality, anthemic melodies and a clever mix of pathos and Modern Metal attacks, wrapped in a tight production by Lord Of The Lost mastermind Chris Harms at the Chameleon Studios in Hamburg. Sporting disarmingly direct German lyrics and forsaking false attitudes, the young savages hit the hard German Rock scene like a fresh breeze. The fact that it is nigh impossible to fall for the group's charms or to get any of the debut's tunes out of your head after first listen makes “Aus den Tiefen” an irresistible offering. In the tightly populated field between Eisbrecher, Megaherz and Oomph!, Erdling have managed to carve out a niche of their own with hard yet hearty hit material. The deeper you delve, the more valuable the resources... and Erdling have unearthed a real gem “aus den Tiefen!” Get out of the way! Erdling are here!
      01 Aus den Tiefen
      02 Blitz und Donner
      03 Dickicht
      04 Firmament
      05 Stimme der Wahrheit
      06 Schattenland
      07 Du bist Soldat
      08 Mehr
      09 Im Horizont
      10 Es ist Zeit
      01 Im Horizont (Akustik Version)
      02 Dickicht (DYAO Remix)
      03 Stimme der Wahrheit (Hucretha Remix by Heimataerde)
      04 Schattenland (A Life Divided Remix)
      05 Aus den Tiefen (Chainreactor Remix)
      06 Firmament (Piano Version feat. Gared Dirge)
      07 Mehr (Wobbled Up Remix)

    dkk 140/eur 18