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      "In Alle Ewigkeit"

      Right on time for the second leg of their tour in support of their top-5-album „Omen“, Blutengel are gifting their fans with new material. With three brand-new hits, 2 club-compatible collaborations, a rework of a classic tune, a remix and two unreleased demos, the mini album „In Alle Ewigkeit“ clocks in at LP-length.

      „In Alle Ewigkeit“ is a special gift to all Blutengel-fans in many different ways. The title track is a perfect opener, with its club-compatible mix of cold gloominess, emotional depth and an anthemic chorus on a solid foundation of powerful Electronica and quickly establishes itself as the legitimate successor to the group's mega-hit “Reich mir die Hand.” The captivating re-work of the classic “Weg zu mir” combines past and present in a highly impressive way (and also serves as an enticing appetizer for a soon-to-be-released special Blutengel “best of” release), just to be followed up with “Between The Lines”, another Blutengel-smash-hit that hearkens back to the early days. “Kinder der Sterne” is an anthemic duet with tour-support Meinhard, while “Insane” and “Nightlife” (collaborations of Chris Pohl with the new Dark-Dance-project Grenzgaenger) aim at the clubs with heavy beats and distorted vocals. An alternate mix then shows the title song from a different perspective before the mini-album comes to a close with two demos from the recording sessions for “Monument” which give fans the unique opportunity how the songs have developed from the first recordings to the versions that would eventually find their way onto the album. “In Alle Ewigkeit” is a feast for diehard fans and for newbies alike and will be released on CD, limited vinyl (incl. the CD in a cardboard slipcase) and as a digital download.

      CD Track Listing:
      1. In alle Ewigkeit
      2. Kinder der Sterne (Blutengel & Meinhard)
      3. Between the lines
      4. Weg zu mir (Rework 2015)
      5. Insane (Blutengel vs. Grenzgaenger)
      6. Nightlife (Blutengel vs. Grenzgaenger)
      7. Demons of the past (You walk away demo 2012)
      8. Lebensrichter (Demo 2012)
      9. In alle Ewigkeit (Alternative Version)

    dkk 80/eur 10