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Solitary Experiments
Future Tense
Modern Cults
Modern Cults
Buzz Kull
New Kind Of Cross
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No Trespassing
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Electro Spectre
A Man Made Sun
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      "The Shephers Satellite"

      Nullgrad’s first album release is one of the most complex and diverse but also exciting releases of the year from the famous label Hands Productions. It´s ingenious sound design covers a wide range from electro industrial and IDM over Electronica to Scifi-ambient. Epic melodies meet industrial sound research and amazing analogue and digital sounds. The 12 tracks of the album will take you to places human beings will never be able to visit. Intelligent and kicking beats, spherical electronic sounds and a pulsating bass push the listener to planets far away from Earth. Enjoy your trip to the Shepherds Satellite!

    dkk 120/eur 16