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      CD Belt Wallet

      Finally we can present a great item at the Braincorp. webshop a rubbermade CD Belt Wallet which is hand made by TS Rubber Bags. The CD Belt Wallet is perfect for people who goes to WGT, Mera Luna, Amphi festival e.t.c, and don´t want to carry around the CDs they buy at the stalls as the CD Belt Wallet is suitable for 5 CDs, beside that you can use the CD Belt Wallet for your Ipod, Iphone, Cell Phone, your purge e.t.c. Get this great Item for only 250 dkk. A special thanks to TS Rubberbags to make it possible! You´re always welcome to send an email for more info.
      The bag is 6,5CM deep, 14CM wide, and 13CM high.

    dkk 250/eur 33