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    Me The Tiger
    "What is beautiful never Dies"

    Label: Repo Records (2017)

    Me the Tiger on their new album: “OK, here it is, our third album, ‘What is Beautiful Never Dies.’ This title can be interpreted freely because, for us as a band too, it has different facets but the main thing is that one should never lose faith in the good and the right in life. During the production phase of this album, there has been a lot of movement in the world and this movement usually went to the right. There was the greatest refugee catastrophe of modern times, and at the same time there was a huge increase in xenophobia in every corner of the world. In times when we should all be more together, we focus on all our differences. The right political wing has gained more and more popularity and influence in many European countries. In the US and Russia, we have leading politicians who base their leadership on fear, nationalism and hatred.

    It fills us with great concern over what kind of future such politicians lead us.

    In spite of all this, we believe that there is still a chance to do all this for the better. There is still more good than bad. It just has to be, because here too, ‘What is beautiful never dies.’
    All this has left an impression on both the lyrics and the music. The album still sounds 100% like Me the Tiger, although an even more serious undertone is now apparent. The tempo of the songs is very different and there are a greater number of quieter songs than on the previous albums. This is probably due to the events that moved us during the production. There are still many danceable songs on the album, which work wonderfully in a club setting. We believe that this is a kind of therapy for us to deal with world events and thus free our minds. And if our fans just want to listen to our music and dance the night away, they should do it!

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