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Suicide Commando
Mindstrip Redux
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      Mayflower Madame
      "Prepared For A Nightmare"

      Label: Icy Cold Records (2020)

      Mayflower Madame is a psychedelic post-punk band from Oslo, Norway and a great new Discovery. The gifted outfit has an extremely twisted sense of melody. Imagine a darker version of Madrugada jamming with And also the Trees!

      Excerpt from a review from 'Whitelight-whiteheat.com':
      Following the ‘Premonition’ EP in 2018 (a 4-track collection of ‘apocalyptic’ love songs), the new album comes from a way beyond songwriting style in maximum output! (…) Simply, one of the best albums already in 2020! In ‘Prepared…’, not only they’ll put their post-punk musings on the darkwave wed, but they’ll also start swinging it with some blows that are coming from the shoegaze slope (‘Sacred Core’) while another breeze coming from the dark rock riffing style shall make it all also sound like a bit more ‘crystalized’, like on ‘Goldmine’, ‘A Future Promise’ or on ‘Vultures’ – their first single for this album. The second single off the album (Swallow) was darkly sinister, showing dark and distinctive blend of post-punk, shoegaze and psychedelia.(…) the whole album is a marvel of sonic ‘episodes’ – turn it all loud!!!
      01 Prepared for a Nightmare 02 Vultures 03 Swallow 04 Ludwig Meidner 05 Never turning (In Time) 06 Sacred Core 07 The Night before 08 Goldmine 09 A future Promise 10 Endless Shimmer

    dkk 120/eur 16