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Lebanon Hanover
Sci-Fi Sky
Lebanon Hanover
Sci-Fi Sky
Solar Fake
This Pretty Life
She Past Away
Part Time Punks Session
She Past Away
Belirdi Gece
Minuit Machine
Don´t Run From The Fire
Delphine Coma
The Glass Beads
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      The sound of Synapscape varies from Ambient soundscapes to powerful Electronic rhythms to show you the structures of your inner mind...'. it was back in 1995 when ant-zen announced the first album of the bielefeld based duo - the label's first cd release ever, and also the cadre for a long-term partnership between Tim Kniep, Philipp Münch and the antz. now the band is in the twenty-fifth year of its existence, and that calls for a one-of-a-kind celebration.
      'Still' is an album on which synapscape review their past in a unique manner: eleven tracks originally recorded between 1994 and 1999 were chosen and then resurrected as entirely re-recorded versions, transforming the spirit of the archetypes into contemporary sounding works of art. while choosing the tracklist, The focus was on the project’s rhythmic side, presenting it's ability to create relentless dance tracks with an energetic industrial force that has been in place since the beginning. A wealth of different grooves and hypnotic sequences carry aggression and depth, topped by Tim Kniep's characteristic voice which is now considerably clearer, compared to the original versions. A reminder of a bygone era and an entirely new coherent end-to-end album at the same time, transforming past creative artistry into present. Still going strong - enjoy!
      1 dream
      2 no fright
      3 stop yield
      4 so what
      5 rage
      6 i want to
      7 inner strategy
      8 no sin
      9 helix
      10 deliverance
      11 picklenash

    dkk 120/eur 16