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    K忙lan Mikla
    "N贸tt Eftir N贸tt "

    Icelandic post-punk meets death-synth trio K忙lan Mikla returns for the group聮s third album on a limited clear vinyl, N贸tt eftir n贸tt.
    Topping a year that catapulted the band onto stages shared with the likes of The Cure and Placebo, N贸tt eftir n贸tt is K忙lan Mikla at their most confident, and their most deadly. It聮s been five years since Margr茅t R贸sa, Laufey Soffia, and S贸lveig Matthildur formed the band in Reykjavik, and after several tours and high-profiles stages, as well as two critically-acclaimed albums, K忙lan Mikla has truly brought their A-game.
    Starting off quietly with a creepy, gothed-out and ethereal intro, N贸tt eftir n贸tt erupts with post-punk brilliance and synthlines that harken back to the bad old days of the Batcave, big hair, and Egyptian-inspired eye-liner. Tracks like the melancholy 聯Hvernig kemst 茅g upp?聰 are wonderfully delightful, while the band goes for the big goth dance number on 聯Skuggadans,聰 succeeding with glorious ease. Near the end of N贸tt eftir n贸tt, when you聮ve already ingested a healthy dose of Diamanda Galas meets The Birthday Party, the title track, produced by popular Icelandic electronic wizard Bang Gang, is basically perfect.
    Hot on the heels of shows at Roadburn, Meltdown, and The Cure聮s 40th Anniversary, as well as a Fall tour supporting King Dude, K忙lan Mikla are set to take their place as one of darkest aural poets on the world stage.
    1. Gandrei冒
    2. Nornalagi冒
    3. Hvernig kemst 茅g upp? 05:15
    4. Skuggadans
    5. Draumad铆s
    6. N忙turbl贸m
    7. Andvaka
    8. N贸tt eftir n贸tt
    9. D谩i冒 er allt 谩n drauma

dkk 180/eur 24