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    "Dangerous Game"

    Label: Razgrom Music (2018)

    Due to high demand and lots of requests from the fans and collectors: re-edition of most successful and long deleted third album “Dangerous Game” of Norwegian electronic synth-pop duo ELECTRO SPECTRE!
    This is not typical re-release, all music tracks of the original album was digitally remastered, some tracks were re-recorded, in new bonus-section included remixes that never was released on CD before. The new edition also contain a different art-work and named "Dangerous Game 2018 Re-Work”.
    In 2012, "Dangerous Game", was awarded by Side-Line web-zine as "best electro-pop release of the year", and the CD-edition, published a year later on Razgrom Music, was sold out very fast, becoming one of the most successful releases in the history of the label.
    With this album ELECTRO SPECTRE sets out to compete with albums such as very well known 'Violator' and 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion' by DEPECHE MODE back in the 90's. During the years many have asked for the quality in those albums, and ELECTRO SPECTRE have set their goal trying to continue the tight vocal and guitar production from those albums combined with the warmth of new production technology. Words and music still forges a sinister universe, yet not without a grinning recklessness – on the whole chasing the ghost of importance, a pursuit fueled by vintage synthesizers and crying guitars.
    Limited edition of only 500 handnumbered copies!


    01. Love Thief (Re-Worked)

    02. Dancing Girl (Re-Worked)

    03. Want (Re-Worked)

    04. World Keeps Turning (Re-Worked)

    05. America (Re-Worked)

    06. Flaming Red (Re-Worked)

    07. The Bell (Re-Worked)

    08. Tokyo Shuffle (Re-Worked)

    09. Miracle (Re-Worked)

    10. Fallen (Re-Worked)

    11. Dancing Girl (Live) [Bonus]

    12. The Bell (Crab Key Remix) [Bonus]

    13. Tokyo Shuffle (Bjørn Bong & Stanley Cupid Mix) [Bonus]

    14. Want (Masterblaster) [Bonus]

    15. Tokyo Shuffle (Mudman Remix) [Bonus]

dkk 120/eur 16