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The Birthday Massacre
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      Necro Facility

      Label: RazGrom Music (2014)
      Special Russia-only release, strictly limited edition compilation of 500 handnumbered copies. Tracks 1, 14, 15, 16, 17 are all exclusive to this release and only available on this compilation! Tracks marked (1) are from the first (deleted) Album ‘The Black Paintings’, marked (2) are from the second album ‘The Room’ and (3) from the latest album ‘Wintermute’ Necro Facility are known and praise for a very unique brand of dark, claustrophobic, haunting electronic "death disco", which takes the thoughts back to the glory days of acts such as Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly and Numb.
      "Waste" It´s an equal mix for harsh industrial, EBM and (almost) commercial pop music.

      Released on Razgrom and available November 22nd, 2013.


      01 Waste
      02 Do You feel the Same (3)
      03 Tuxedo (2)
      04 Cuts (3)
      05 You want it (3)
      06 Nursed (1)
      07 Kite (2)
      08 Downstairs (1)
      09 Supposed (3)
      10 Dogma (2)
      11 Intense (1)
      12 Skrik (3)
      13 Methane View (1)
      14 Explode (Ka-Pow Remix)
      15 Nursed (PLaydo Remix)
      16 Dissolving Angle (Exclusive Remix)
      17 Anubis (Sidekick Mix By Interlace)