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Lebanon Hanover
Sci-Fi Sky
Lebanon Hanover
Sci-Fi Sky
Solar Fake
This Pretty Life
She Past Away
Part Time Punks Session
She Past Away
Belirdi Gece
Minuit Machine
Don´t Run From The Fire
Delphine Coma
The Glass Beads
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      Strobo Lolita

      An album as an act of liberation, and at the same time pure unadulterated fun for the rhythm’n’noise crowd – HANDS welcome Strobo.Lolita with her fresh and furious debut album. At first, “Hysteria” seems to have fallen out of time, as it defies the genre affiliations of today. These 14 tracks come along unpolished and raw, charmingly imperfect, stubborn - and simply adorable.

      Rhythmic and distorted from start to end, this album works on two levels: As a confrontation with extreme emotions, with euphoria and depression, fear and paranoia, pressure and tension - and at the same time as a most satisfying means of relief for the noise head thus inclined.
      Hysteria is the archetypal form of attributing women’s emotionality as a flawed psychological condition, a means of exercising heteronomy. But very consciously Strobo.Lolita resents being seen as a victim, she rather taps into the energy of liberating herself from those conditions. Sporting a smart, ironic tongue-in-cheek attitude, the structures of oppression are shattered.
      “Hysteria” kicks it like it’s 1995 – and yet it sounds like 2020 and fits perfectly with our time and age. Staying clear of current club sounds, all tracks are still very danceable; loaded with noise, they are still more captivating than oppressive.
      1.Wut X
      2.Instabiles Bild
      3.Der Teufel
      7.Unordentliche Extreme
      9.Pseudo-Halluzinogene Psyche
      11.Keine Einordnung möglich
      12.Hin und Weg

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