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      Alien Vampires
      "Clubbers Die Younger"

      The title "Clubbers Die Younger" says it all... The Alien Vampires tornado strikes back with a massive 9-track mini-CD announcing the band's forthcoming studio album! Louder, faster, harder... the rebellious Italian/British combo kicks your ass once more with their unique upfront industrial dance full of distorted noise, vibrating bass- drums, hypnotic turbo beats and provocative harsh vocals. Nysrok Infernalien and Nightstalker invite you to this uncensored fu*king ultimate acid orgy and guarantee you a sure soon-death... Sexy and bloody visuals, astounding guest vocals by Sonya Scarlet and killer remixes by Amduscia, C-Lekktor, Chainreactor and W.A.S.T.E So many additional reasons to purchase this limited mini-CD bound to be sold out in no time!
      01 Harsh & Rotten
      02 Clubbers die Younger
      03 Acid Orgy - feat. Sonya Scarlet (Theatres Des Vampires)
      04 Dark Skies
      05 Dark Skies - feat. Sonya Scarlet (Theatres Des Vampires)
      06 Clubbers die Younger - remix by W.A.S.T.E.
      07 Clubbers die Younger - remix by Chainreactor
      08 Clubbers die Younger - remix by C-Lekktor
      09 Harsh & Rotten - remix by Amduscia