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      "Warlord Mentality"

      Mainstream wants nothing to do with their particular brand of sound and they wouldn't have it any other way. W.A.S.T.E. has managed to stay a prevalent entity not only in the clubs and on the dance floor, but in the minds of all those who have been lucky enough to witness their unforgettable and brutality filled energetic live performances. Led by Shane aka Vuxnut, W.A.S.T.E. has been pounding out their particular blend of audio anarchy for over 10 years.

      With each new record, they are proving that they aren't slowing down, but only gaining momentum and moving forward. With the soon to be released "Warlord Mentality" on Vendetta Music, they plan to take the genre into new heights with a crushing and unforgettable mix of rhythmic noise, dark ambient, power electronics, and extremely harsh yet danceable industrial. "Warlord Mentality" only proves this further with the addition of vocals, and even their take on an Offspring cover, which is sure to take the club scene by storm.

      This act plans to lead us into our fate of entropy screaming and bleeding but loving every minute of it.
      1- Are We Just Animals
      2 -You Are Your Own Beast
      3 - Warlord Mentality
      4 - As The Empty Hours Go By
      5 - Gone Away (featuring Jamie Blacker of ESA)
      6 - Destroy What Destroys You
      7 - Deadface (Vuxnut Redux)
      8 - No More Feelings
      9 - Caveman
      10 - Kill Something
      11 - We Carry These Things Inside of Us
      12 - Scream All You Want

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