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Of The Wand & The Moon
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Suicide Commando
Mindstrip Redux
Suicide Commando
Mindstrip Redux
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Thin Skies
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Invisible Front
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      "Night Idyll (Vinyl) "

      Label: Manic Depression Records (2017)

      With the artistic promise to make a step forward from the gloomy shades, "Night Idyll", their new album, transforms dark into psychedelic drone made of shimmering ethereal movements, strongly inspired by a brighter nocturnal dance, making in particular "Love Collides" an ideal new start.
      Significantly, the songs favour imagery of love-passion lasting over time. The massive melodies replacing the claustrophobic, smothering mood of previous Schonwald work. It is a new-found appreciation of space, and the actual melody itself, infused with a kind of vainglorious mix of Shoegaze, Darkwave and Dream Pop.

      A1 Damage A2 Sleepy Destiny A3 Austral A4 Love Collides A5 Oceans

      B1 Iridium B2 Berlin Ice B3 Surprising Violence B4 A Secret B5 Temple

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