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      With their unique mix of club-compatible Electronica, catchy Pop-melodies and predominantly German-language lyrics that range from poetic to rather biting, Melotron have managed to settle into their very own little pigeonhole within Germany's flourishing music scene. The band now pays homage to its turbulent history while at the same time setting the foundation for a new era with the album Werkschau.

      Unlovingly slapping together impersonal 'best of'-compilations to throw at the masses for easy consumption and fast maximization of profits is rather bland and boring...? the charismatic Melotron-front man Andy K. thought to himself and quickly gathered the rest of his lads together, serving the express goal that an anthology of his band's work would have to have a bit more style than the cheap-shot compilations the industry keeps churning out. In order to not only create a sort of monument for past works but to also provide the listener with a stepping stone for future endeavors, the popular German Synth Pop group decided to completely re-record an exquisite selection of the best songs plus fan favorites, thus giving them a total overhaul and merging the old with the new. Melotron teamed up with the renowned producer Dirk Riegner (Heppner, amongst others), to let a bunch of old friends shine in a bright new light, while also recording a few new tunes along the way, like the hit-single Stuck In The Mirror or the anthemic ?Love Is Calling.? Band-hits like the club-floor-filler Brüder, which was revisited as a vocal duet with In-Strict-Confidence's Dennis Ostermann, are featured in completely new and fresh versions. Therefore, Werkschau can not only serve as the perfect introduction for the uninitiated to the music of one of Germany's most successful advocates of intelligent electronic popular and dance music, but will also give long-time fans an opportunity to rediscover old favorites from a new perspective. For the real diehards, ?Werkschau? will also be released as a deluxe double disc, featuring a second CD full of rarities from the group's history. These gems have also been carefully remastered to shine in a new, massive sound quality that will not only please confirmed Melotronians. Right after the completion of this album, the band is already back in the studio to work on the future... and who knows where the journey might take Melotron, this time. In the meantime, Werkschau will serve as an excellent appetizer.
      1. Du bist es nicht wert
      2. Love Is Calling
      3. Nur ein Licht
      4. Arroganz der Liebe
      5. Dein Meister
      6. Das Herz
      7. Gib mir alles
      8. Kindertraum
      9. Brüder
      10. Stuck In The Mirror
      11. Halt mich fest

      Bonus Disc Deluxe-2CD-Variante:
      1. Sommer
      2. Sie ist
      3. Wohin
      4. Wenn es nichts mehr gibt
      5. Folge mir ins Licht
      6. Venus
      7. Damals
      8. Kein Problem
      9. Wir warten
      10. Mir wird kalt, wenn ich an dich denke
      11. Alles von dir

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