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    Lights Of Euphoria
    "Schwarze Sonne"

    For more than twenty years, Lights Of Euphoria have been true inovators of the electronic scene. Jimmy Machon and Torben Schmidt created scene hits such as "Subjection", "Give Me You", "True Life", "One Nation", "Fading Moments" and "Sleepwalk" while releaseing six full-length albums and various singles and EPs!
    After a break of about five years the band return with their long-awaited new EP, which will bridge the gap to the upcoming new album, planned for early 2013. In addition to the title song "Schwarze Sonne"(which has been remixed here by Aircrash Bureau, Terrolokaust and Shiv-R) you will also find the song "The Saint" (including a remix by legendary Danish electro act Psychopomps!) and "Darkest Cave" as well as the massive remake of "Give Me You", one of the bands' biggest clubsmashers to date! Eight songs in total and a welcome comeback for Lights Of Euphoria!

    1. Schwarze Sonne
    2. Schwarze Sonne (Terrolokaust Remix)
    3. The Saint
    4. Schwarze Sonne (Aircrash Bureau Remix)
    5. Schwarze Sonne (Shiv-R Remix)
    6. The Saint (Psychopomps Remix)
    7. Give Me You (Imperial League Remix)
    8. Darkest Cave