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      "1000 Engel"

      Label: Synthetic Symphony (2016)

      After the "1000 Angel " -Limited box including red 7 ' ' - . Was vinyl last November sold out faster than Bill Gates earned a million dollars we have received many letters of disappointed listeners who also enjoy that new material on their home stereo wanted to! And because the fans are the most important thing in the world , we have complaints heard and place now with the CD release for " 100 % Welle: Erdball " ! , The band itself has declared its new mission ... and just as ! is it because it 's like always different because where other bands with 10 pieces have been trying to bring a regular album of the man who sends wave : globe with an EP the 10 songs at a special price in the ether , even after 23 years have wave : Erdball not forgotten !
      1. 1000 Engel
      2. Re-Animierung
      3. Zeitverbot
      4. Ein Teil Von Mir
      5. 11.01. Ewigkeit
      6. Die Neue Welt
      7. Nerdfaktor 42 (C=64)
      8. 1000 Engel (Rotkäppchen)
      9. Grü├če Von Der Orion (Melted Moon-Gameboy-Remix)
      10. 1000 Engel (Massiv In Mensch-Remix)