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      Label: Beton Kopf Media (2015)
      In the realm of dark, harsh EBM, no artist is as prolific and enduringly popular as :Wumpscut:. April of 2015 mastermind Rudy Ratzinger returns once again with the new release BlutSpukerTavern. As evidenced by standout tracks such as Gangreaen, Rattengift, the new album shows that having released twenty two albums and counting, :Wumpscut: is still the master of evil electro.
      01. I Wish I Was A Failure
      02. That Was The Life That Was
      03. Oh Mein Kuemmerlink
      04. Gangraen
      05. Bucket Of Perceptions
      06. Rattengift
      07. Das Deutche Schwert
      08. Kamerad Kaputt
      09. Basilius Fleischlein
      10. The Grim Reaper

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