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Kirlian Camera
Cold Pills
Kirlian Camera
Cold Pills
Love`s Secret Domain (3 Gold Vinyls)
Kill Shelter & Antipole
A Haunted Place
Kill Shelter & Antipole
A Haunted Place
Beweg Dich!
Death Loves Veronica
Die Krupps
Songs From The Dark Side Of Heaven
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    Label: Audiophob (2019)

    After the previous Mandelbrot releases focused on topics between Science and Science Fiction, for their current work Barbara Teichner and Philipp Münch used the method of introspective to explore their own beings. What has been influential to them? What made them the persons they are today? This voyage went inevitably way back into the childhood days and by this also back to fairy tales. Old, often archaic stories, transfered by word of mouth over times and times and usually transfered to written words in the 19th centuries.

    The eleven tracks of "Zeitsprung" translate the emotional impact and the captivating nature of those fairy tales into the own acoustic world of Mandelbrot. This transformation process also lead to novel paths and ways of expressions and took about 4 years of work, in which the concept was supplemented and able to mature steadily.
    1. Mermaid 07:39
    2. Krabat 05:20
    3. Das kalte Herz 04:11
    4. Herr der Berge 06:48
    5. Blocksberg 05:05
    6. Dornengestrüpp 05:12
    7. Feentanz 04:38
    8. Boy With The Red Balloon 05:24
    9. Again Into The Catacombs 05:17
    10.Zauberwald 05:52
    11.Eisenhans 07:44

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