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    Various Artists
    "10 Years of Progress Productions"

    Progress Productions from Sweden has over the last decade grown to become the biggest alternative Electro label in Scandinavia and has been given the title: THE QUALITY label. Always considering every release carefully and never compromising with quality they have built up a following in the scene with artists such as Necro Facility, Cryo, Kite, Henric de la Cour, Red Cell, Sturm Café and SPARK! just to name a few found in their rooster. Now the time has come to celebrate the first decade! Of course in a very special way: a 28 track 2CD compilation with 28 exclusive tracks from all the artists, as well as the brand new signing Agent Side Grinder. And added as an extra bonus is a prevoiusly unreleased track from Swedish EBM legends Scapa Flow who will make their first show in 19 years at the Progress Productions 10 years festival on November 22nd. Progress Productions proves with this amazing compilation why they have earned the quality status!
    01 Henric de la Cour – Venen
    02 Delaykliniken – Wishes
    03 Necro Facility – Last Breath (Cthulhu Demo Mix)
    04 Wulfband – Was Für Ein Fest!
    05 Dupont – Corridor
    06 Kingdom Of Evol feat. Freddie Wadling – Pleasure & Pain (Leaether Strip Remix)
    07 Red Cell – Neverending Story
    08 Iambia – The Wrong Direction
    09 Xenturion Prime – Voyagers (Infinity Remix By Zone Tripper)
    10 Daily Planet – Tunnels Of Light
    11 Hype – Make You Wonder
    12 8kHz Mono – The Game
    13 Scapa Flow – Wailing (1991 Live)
    14 Nexus Kenosis - Arcus Pluvius Nigrum

    01 Agent Side Grinder – This Is Us
    02 Spark! – Infectious (feat. Spetsnaz)
    03 Cryo – Zero-G (Live Evolved Version)
    04 Kite – True Colours
    05 The New Division – Curse
    06 Children Within – Architecture Of Love
    07 Mr Jones Machine – Eyes Of Anger
    08 System – Under Surveillance
    09 Titans – Plausible
    10 Angst – Rädda Barn (Dansar Bäst)
    11 Vanligt Folk – Vitt Skum
    12 Sturm Café – Der Grosse Schwein (Terror Punk Syndicate Version)
    13 Mommy Hurt My Head – Engulfed By A Black Sun (Rough Mix)
    14 Kopfer Kat - Ventilate

dkk 80/eur 10