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      Frozen Plasma

      It has been quite some time since their smash hits "Tanz die Revolution" or "Warmongers" did take the dancefloors worldwide by storm! Now Frozen Plasma are back with a massive new limited single called "Herz" ("heart"). The band again did choose their mother tongue for the vocals of this breathtaking new song. The 8 song single comes as a limite 1000 unit world wirde limited edition featuring original song, bonustrack and club mix as well as remixes by Rob Dust, Nachtmahr, Rotersand & Neuroticfish! A massive release and for sure the next Frozen Plasma hit!

      01 Herz (3am DJ Mix)
      02 Herz (Rob Dust Mix)
      03 Rain (D&B Preview)
      04 Herz (Dub Space 9 Mix)
      05 Herz (Nachtmahr Mix)
      06 Herz (Short Cut)
      07 Herz (Neurotic Fish)
      08 Herz (Rotersand Mix)

    dkk 80/eur 10