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      Leæther Strip
      "Æscapism 2.0"

      Label: Emmo Records (2014)
      Uncle Claus is back. So it's time for the new Leæther Strip album "Æscapism" to see the light of day. So much for the recording/composing break I forced myself to take last year, it only took two weeks and I was in the studio again. I feel as inspired as ever and I live for doing it, and when the songs want to get out, they got to come out. This album was composed and recorded from late summer 2013 to early January this year, and it's a mixture between my harsh side and softer melancholic and nostalgic side.
      As many of you know I love the sound of the 80's and there is still that element of oldschool when I listen to the album and the harsh danceable electro/ebm I love so much. I'm sure people who knows my sound will recognize it on "Æscapism". It's still Leæther Strip as you know it. I sincerely hope you will like my new album. I also decided, with the help from Emmo.biz Records, to re-release my former self-released melodic and very melancholic album "Untold Stories" in a new DCD edition where all the songs my from the earlier release is there plus two of my favorits songs from the album sung by the very talented singer Anne Goldacker. "Untold Stories" is a very important album for me, and because it was a self-release without any distribution or promotion it's very unknown to many, only the hardcore fans knows it excists, and that's a shame I think. So I want to give it a change to be listened to, after all, music's that's not listened to is dead. Enjoy and Kurt and I hope to see you at our concerts soon. Hugs Claus. Please note this the regular version as the limited 2CD is deleted.
      1: We fail we forget
      2: Sanctuary
      3: Hold me
      4: Humanity – Equality
      5: Hold your fire
      6: Suicide summer school
      7: The hired man
      8: Strong boys
      9: Trash talker
      10: In fire on fire
      11: Unhuman response
      12: I'm not the one
      13: The dark gates of sundown
      14: It doesn't hurt to hurt you
      15: Extinction protocol (with Decoded Feedback)