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    "Allvater "

    Label: Scanner Records (2017)

    On the current album “Allvater” Centhron hails the old gods with harsh electronic firework! Provocative, erotic, aggressive, dark, melodic, catchy, atmospheric and with a new keyboard player and female voice Sandra Schmidt, ALLVATER will be released on the 24th of March. “Allvater” represents probably the most complete Centhron Album since 2001! There will be two video clips to accompany the new album with the songs “Allvater” and “Deutsches Land” getting a furious optic visualization!

    For the song “De Sade,” CENTHRON furthermore managed to obtain the vocal contribution of Melanie Neuhöfer - a classical trained singer - that adds a beautiful and intense atmosphere to the music with her classic timbre!

    Be sure, the dancefloors of this world will burn, raise your fists!
    01 Marschiert ihr Hunde
    02 Skullfucker
    03 Raubtier
    04 Frontschwein
    05 Deutsches Land
    06 Sie will
    07 For Victory
    08 Einherjer
    09 Blitzkrieg
    10 Allvater
    11 De Sade
    12 Hetzer
    13 Valhall

dkk 120/eur 16